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OOAK Artisan Showcase is owned and operated by Melvin and Shelley Turner who dream of bringing a new experience to Central New York.

Our new space is located in Rome, NY. We have a beautiful gallery where we offer artists the perfect venue to show off their talents! Soon, we will be offering art supplies and materials for sale as well as consignment space for our member artists. We are so excited!

In addition to all this, we host hosts workshops and classes: classes for children and adults in our own classroom; plus, one-time sessions and weekend retreats in gorgeous Central New York locations. Classes in our Rome location are taught by Shelley and other local art instructors, but OAS will fly in nationally and internationally known artists to teach our retreats, with some being held at special destinations!  Visit our website for list of upcoming workshops - http://www.ooakartisanshowcase.com/workshops.html

OOAK Artisan Showcase is interested in all art mediums, believing "art" to be anything you produce during your creative time. Because we love art so much it is especially important to us to share artist and artisan work with our readers. We have a slate of over 100 member artists which we feature on all our social media spots.   Our featured content may include the work of fine artists, artisan jewelry designers, photographers, ceramicists and sculptors, muralists, woodworkers, - basically any, and all visual art- but our main focus is on mixed media arts.

If you are a collector or just love art in general, we want to introduce you to our amazing friends and fellow artists! It is our hope you will learn about a new medium and even choose to join in and take a class or workshop.

We get a really great feeling when one of our visitors chooses to try their own hand at something new!

If you would like to stay up to date with OAS happenings, sign up for our newsletter or email us at news@ooakartisanshowcase.com.


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